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Gradient Pink Gel Nail Strips

Gradient Pink Gel Nail Strips

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Gradient Pink Gel Nail Strips

Experience a perfect gradient with our Gradient Pink Gel Nail Strips From These strips offer a beautiful transition from light to dark pink, providing a soft, feminine touch to your nails. Ideal for any occasion, these gel nail strips deliver a professional look without the need for a salon visit.


Gradient Design: Lovely pink gradient from light to dark for an elegant look.
Effortless Application: Simple peel-and-stick method for a flawless manicure.
Durable Wear: High-quality gel material ensures your nails remain perfect for up to two weeks.
Safe Formula: Made with non-toxic ingredients, safe for all nail types.
All-Inclusive Kit: Comes with 20 gel nail strips, 2 alcohol pads, a nail file, and a wooden stick for easy application and removal.

Usage Instructions:

1. Use the alcohol pads to clean your nails, removing any oils or residues.
2. Choose the strip size that fits your nails.
3. Peel off the backing and apply the strip, smoothing out any bubbles.
4. Trim and file the excess strip for a perfect fit.
5. Avoid water for at least an hour after application for best results.

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