Clear Gel Nails
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Sprinkle Pink Gel Nail Strips

Add a touch of fun to your nails with the Sprinkle Pink Gel Nail Strips These strips feature a delightful pink base adorned with colorful sprinkles, perfect for a playful and charming manicure. Ideal for any fun occasion, these gel nail strips provide a professional finish at home.


Fun Design: Pink base with colorful sprinkles for a playful and cute manicure.
Easy Application: Simple peel-and-stick method for a quick and neat manicure.
Long-Lasting: Durable gel material ensures your nails look fabulous for up to two weeks.
Non-Toxic Ingredients: Safe for all nail types.
Complete Kit: Includes 20 gel nail strips, 2 alcohol pads, a nail file, and a wooden stick for easy application and removal.

Usage Instructions:

1. Clean your nails with the provided alcohol pads to remove any oils.
2. Select the strip size that best fits your nails.
3. Peel off the backing and apply the strip, smoothing out any bubbles.
4. Trim and file the excess strip for a perfect fit.
5. Avoid water exposure for at least an hour after application for best results.


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What’s in the box
Wireless Charging 3-in-1
15W Max Pocket-Sized 3-in-1 Charger

The Ultimate Wireless Charging Experience
Dive into groundbreaking charging with Wireless PowerIQ, now MagSafe compatible and powered by an efficient AI algorithm. Trust in the custom Qi2 module's high-conductivity aluminum build for a stable 15W charge, enhanced by an innovative split design for superior heat dissipation.

Charge Faster, Live Smarter
Beae's latest ultra-fast charging combined with Qi2 technology ensures this 3-in-1 foldable charging station boosts your essentials faster when you need it.

ActiveShield 2.0 Safety System
Rely on Beae's exclusive technology that monitors temperatures continuously monitors temperature up to 3 million times per day to guarantee the safest charging for all your devices.

Entirely Compatible with MagSafe
Effortlessly align and power up your MagSafe-compatible iPhone, achieving consistent 15W ultra-fast charging even with magnetic cases on.

Total Wattage



12V⎓3A / 15V⎓2.66A


- Phone: 15W Max

- Apple Watch: 5W Max

- True Wireless Earbuds: 5W Max


3.50 × 2.36 × 0.98 in / 89 × 60 × 25 mm (Folded)


6.9 oz / 195.6 g


iPhone 15 / 14 / 13 Series

Apple Watch Ultra 2 / 1 / Apple Watch Series 9 / Series 1-8 / SE

AirPods Pro 2 / 1 / AirPods 3 / 2 (with Wireless Charging Case)

What’s in the box

Compatibility for NECESSITYHUB Gel Toe Strips 

Gel Toe Strips:

Fits all standard toe sizes
Compatible with a variety of nail shapes and conditions
Suitable for natural nails, gel nails, and acrylics
UV Lamps:

Compatible with all NECESSITYHUB gel toe strips
Works with various brands of gel polish and nail extensions
Effective for curing both gel toe strips and gel nail strips
Ideal for:

Everyday wear
Special occasions
Professional nail art designs
Home and salon use
Customer Assistance:

24/7 customer support available via phone, email, and live chat
Step-by-step application guides and video tutorials on our website
FAQs and troubleshooting tips for common issues

World leading technology

all in 1 for apple devices
Compact Design
Power is safe and stable
Ultra Fast Application

designed for seamless compatibility with a range of Apple devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, ensuring a smooth and efficient charging experience.

Our gel toe strips come in an ultra-compact design, ensuring ease of use and perfect storage. They fit effortlessly into your beauty routine, making them an essential for any nail care kit.

This product comes with a guarantee of absolute safety, ensuring peace of mind with its risk-free usage.

Experience the convenience of ultra-fast application with our gel toe strips. Designed for a seamless and quick process, they allow you to achieve stunning results without the wait.

beae image basic

Quick Application

Our gel toe strips feature a quick-dry formula, allowing you to achieve salon-quality results in half the time. Perfect for busy lifestyles, they ensure your toenails look fabulous in no time.

beae image basic

Soft-Gel, Pretty Stretchy & 3D Volume

Experience the flexibility and beauty of our soft-gel toe strips. These strips are designed to stretch easily and provide a 3D volume effect, giving your toes a professional and polished look

beae image basic

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